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Using a Buyers Agent – The New Revolution

When the ‘new’ and ‘revolutionary’ idea of buyer’s advocacy started trending its way across my dinner table about 18 months ago, I realised how truly polarizing the occupation was. The idea of using a real estate agent to sell a house was a given of course. But, the idea of employing someone to find a house you like and actually secure it – well that was just ludicrous. Why would I need a ‘Buyer’s Agent’? I can just go and search for a property myself – quipped my Aunty.  

Flash forward to a post pandemic-ish landscape, where local buyers are clambering against an influx of cashed-up Southern migrants and ex pats returning home; unprecedented expenditure on local policies and infrastructure, a stockpile of household savings, backed by low interest rates and what do you get? *takes dramatic breath* A big fat apology from my Aunty. She came back to me with a change in her perception about a Buyers agent.  Homes were under offer within hours of hitting any major sites or sold prior to them being posted online. Open inspections turned into block parties. I personally witnessed a four way tug-of-war for a paper copy contract in a vendor’s living room. We had hit full-tilt realestate madness! 

At Charman Property Co. Buyers Agency we have seen a massive digression from these traditionally held attitudes about using a buyer’s agents in the past 12 months and for us the ‘why’ is simple. When you work with a buyer’s agent, we can grab a big corner of that contract and start tugging in your direction – so to speak. From first home buyers who can’t get their foot in the door, quite literally – to busy professionals who simply don’t have the time for all the leg-work, to the frustrated buyer who are sick of losing their weekends to house opens – we’re here. We can do the things that you don’t have time for and we see a lot of properties that don’t even hit the market (offmarkets). We can turn your frustration into getting settled into a home quicker and most of the time without the competition.

The reality is, the property game has forever changed in South East Queensland. Approximately 70% of our transactions are happening either off market or pre market. That’s an large portion of opportunities that the average buyer never gets to see on either online or in the weekends realestate section. It is our job to break down these barriers for our clients and help them realise their property dreams checklist and secure them their dream home or investment. In partnership with our savvy clients, the industry is growing. Perhaps someday soon, people will love and need us as much as they do real estate agents. *Prolonged silence* We jest, love you guys! Jokes aside, we are going mainstream. Positive feedback coming from an Aunty near you… 

Jamie Charman & Maddison Bonner

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