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The x-factor behind Team Lancashire

The outcome of every single one of our transactions is made or broken by property presentation. Presentation – landscaping, styling, photography, videography, copywriting, floorplan etc. – is the most influential factor in the volume of traffic through the door at inspections, bidder numbers at auction, and ultimately the final sale price.

We create competition through our marketing by hand-selecting the best suppliers in our industry. I consider these guys must-have members of Team Lancashire, the greatest at their own games, people I know and trust to deliver a premium experience for our clients. 

We record close to $300M a year in residential property sales, have broken the Brisbane record three times, and hold record prices in nine suburbs. Each result is the outcome of a collaborative effort. At the crux of this, aside from our suppliers, is my head of operations Mariana Ferrari, two sales associates in Ben and Bryce Osborne, office administrator Olivia Highfield, and legendary auctioneer Haesley Cush. 

When you ask me to sell your home, you’ll work 100% directly with me as I’m the gatekeeper on every piece of collateral linked to your property. Clients rightly expect this attention, and receive it, but are also often surprised to learn of the depth of investment we pour into property presentation, and just how many of our industry experts are required to deliver a successful prestige property campaign. 

Yes, traditionally agents worked solo, with or without the backing of a larger group, but times and expectations have changed. As creators of competition, we take great pride in doggedly pushing for a better sales experience and exceptional results. 

I hope you enjoy the read.

Matt Lancashire