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The power of social media in the property space

Social media has changed our lives, and it’s changed business too. As agents, it’s our responsibility to be using all the tools we have at hand. Social media is a powerful way to connect with both our sellers and buyers alike.


With more than 50,000 followers across my personal and professional network, I have a direct tap into what’s happening with the potential buyers in the market. Intel we collate from social media helps us understand the movements of potential buyers and sellers; what style of content and types of property are piquing their interest. 

With the backing of data, we can understand user trends and create a laser-focused strategy to promote listings. If a particular viewer has consistently engaged with a type of property in a particular location, we deliver them more of the same. No matter where they are in the world. 

Our social statistics show us that the great northern migration is unabating, with plenty of interstate followers eyeing off our properties on instagram. We expect to see more buyers moving from Melbourne and Sydney for greater affordability and better lifestyles, so we make sure those buyers see properties that match their criteria.


Advertising on social media gives us the opportunity to take a more proactive approach to marketing properties. We can actively and individually show people what’s available, aligned with what they’ve demonstrated to us is of interest to them. 

Using our market insights, we can create sponsored advertising to target specific demographics and can identify those already looking. The results are incredibly effective. We ensure that those same properties that attract likes, comments and shares from interested viewers are delivered back to them. So that “the one” that is for them doesn’t get missed in their thumb swiping. 

The share factor 

There’s no doubt that many of our listings in the likes of New Farm, Ascot and Bulimba are outright stunning. Adaptations of the timeless Queenslander style generate plenty of reposts and shares; so too contemporary developments and anything with a river view.

Spectacular photos and intriguing video content on Instagram cause property enthusiasts, viewers and potential buyers to like, comment and share those images further than our direct networks. Through sharing, our audience numbers compound as our viewers share our content with their audiences. As the saying goes – you never know who’s watching, and what buyer might gain interest. We depend on that share-ability of everything we post.

Earning trust 

From the seller’s perspective, giving them a look into our personal lives is a powerful tool in building trust. 54 per cent of social browsers are using social media to research products – and real estate is no different. Buying or selling a home is a major life decision, and you want someone reputable on your side which is why having a personal social media presence is essential to any agent.

And that’s why we spend so much time online. 

I hope you enjoy the read.

Matt Lancashire