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The debate on Novak’s no-vax

It’s a headline we’ve heard hundreds of times in the last month and yet, it’s still a hot topic. The Australian Open may be coming to an end but the impact from Novak’s visa debacle is still fresh in the conversations around Australia.

The opinions on Novak are broad, polarising even, and the topics of COVID, vaccinations and politics are getting heated between friends and family. 

Look, I’m just a real estate agent and I don’t have a set opinion on these things, but what I do know is that there isn’t a client I’m meeting this month that doesn’t have this very conversation on their lips. 

Understandably people in our country are sensitive to what we’ve all had to endure and it appears we don’t want special treatment of sports people or celebrities… but, let me ask the controversial question here, have we gone too far, or not?

As a sport loving nation, it’s pretty telling that the Federal Court live feed drew a bigger crowd than centre court at the Australian Open. Thousands tuned in to see whether Novak Djokovic would be allowed to stay and compete. 

The majority of Australians were supportive of the decision to send Novak home, however even those glad to see him afforded no special treatment were left concerned about the way the case unfolded. 

If the tournament rules, and migration rules post-COVID were already in place, why was there such a grey area?  Was Novak’s team unclear of the rules? Or were they pushing their own agenda with hopes of slipping through the cracks?

Everyone can agree that focus was taken off the tournament for a prolonged period.  It was a distraction for players and the tennis community. 

So, I’m curious to know what you think. Should players, like Novak, be compliant with each nation’s rules and deal with the personal consequences to their career? 

Think about it. It’s a huge setback for Novak.  He was attempting to win his tenth AUS open crown and reach a record 21 grand slam titles.  Is this record now unattainable due to his vaccination status by a precedent set in Australia?  

As the ATP boss said, “Irrespective of how this point has been reached, Novak is one of our sports greatest champions and his absence from the AUS open is a loss for the game.” 

Rules are rules. I respect them. And Australia has been riddled with them for two years now. Yet, we are so divided, physically with families being separated and in our opinions on how many of the political covid decisions of late.

Will generations to follow be proud of Australia’s stance on Novak’s visa decision, the border rules and mandatory vaccinations?

Would we have done the same if it was Federer? Am I crazy for even asking? 

Comment below, but please be respectful of each other’s opinion.     

I hope you enjoy the read.

Matt Lancashire