This architect is the one who has helped drive prices in Brisbane’s luxury property market

By Holly Clark

THIS week saw the release of The Courier-Mail’s top ten property influencers published.

It had a diverse mix of developers, real estate agency heads and architects.

I was thrilled to see local architect and relative new comer Shaun Lockyer on the list. He was named alongside Dan White, the fourth generation real estate family representative and director of Ray White and Springfield developer and innovator Maha Sinnathamby.

So how did an architect who only started his firm roughly ten ears ago make the list?

In my opinion it’s due to the way Shaun has become a real outlier when it comes to property prices in the Brisbane prestige property market.

I have seen his client’s properties sell a number of times over the last decade and every time they have achieved huge prices, regardless of the market conditions.

I first met Shaun about ten years ago when he collaborated with a local New Farm builder to present a property in Villiers St, New Farm. The market at the time was in a particularly bad shape, but the design and detail of Shaun’s work saw an ‘out of the box’ result for those owners.

This sale started a run of house sales for more than $2 million in New Farm and changed the shape of that market forever.

I’m not sure whether it’s his open design and floor plans or his fastidious attention to detail that captures the market’s eye.

I have watched a number of copy cat designers and draftsman following his footsteps but they never achieve the same record results.

They use his gatehouse concepts, his heavy use of natural timbers and exposed concrete, but it doesn’t seem to carry across and achieve his price consistency.

Whatever the reason Shaun does seem to have the Midas touch and for that reason he was the perfect addition to a well thought out property influencers top ten.

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