The only constant is change…

By Haesley Cush

We have seen so many changes already this year. There has been changes to the building code (with increases to build heights due to the floods), we have got changes coming to stamp duty on the 1st of August and the Super 15 looks like it will have a new championship team!! (I couldn’t help myself)

We are now 6 months on from January’s floods and the silver lining is starting to glow. In New Farm we saw no negative affect to prices. But we have seen wonderful examples of increased heights and some great designs under the new heights increases.

The up-coming changes to stamp duty has been a hot topic in the press but a relatively low topic with buyers, in the inner city.  The changes will impact 2nd home buyers in lower to middle income price ranges and will leave the first home buyers and prestege market un-changed. (check out, for more information)

For a wrap up on the market a and short message about the changes, click xxxxx for a short video message. And for all our properties view

Go the REDS!

Happy Hunting,

Haesley Cush

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