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The Masterchef Effect

The kitchen has long been known as the heart of the home. A place of warmth and comfort, where friends and family can gather informally to enjoy great food and epic conversation.

In recent years, this concept has developed even further, with the popularity of open plan living and cooking shows such as Masterchef. Now, the heart of the home has become a place of great style, finesse and somewhere to impress and entertain guests even more than ever.

Instead of being the place to hide away in to work on a meal, the Masterchef effect means the kitchen is now making a statement all of its very own.

No longer is it impossible to conjure up some of the culinary masterpieces that are only found in the best restaurants, lovingly prepared by the most talented chefs.

Foodies now know that, with the right equipment, anything is possible. So, with men and women keen to show off their cooking skills, while entertaining guests at the same time, the design of the kitchen has evolved and improved since the days before reality shows such as Masterchef began.

On the hunt for the best ingredients, Brisbane residents now like to buy great produce from the city’s foremost retail and lifestyle precinct James Street Market, where the butcher knows exactly where his meat comes from. Fans of fine wine can go to The Wine Emporium to match the wines and get a great understanding of the flavours and history surrounding them too.

No longer is it just about ticking items off your shopping list for your weekly shop. Now people want quality, flavour and a real understanding of where their ingredients come from. They love the element of choice and are all too aware of what a difference buying the best quality ingredients can make.

In the same way, Masterchef fans want all the best, high-end appliances to help them recreate the masterpieces they see on the screen. So, in recent years Australian kitchens have welcomed wine coolers, proper coffee machines, warming drawers and more than one cooker.

Worktops are now clutter free, but functional and fully able to offer a place where wonders can be created. And with that comes proper storage space with integrated appliances and deep drawers in which to store everything.

To go that one step further, the concept of the butler’s pantry has taken off too. So, while the main parts of food serving and entertainment goes on in the bigger kitchen, the added cooking zone offers a place to do the less desirable parts, such as food prep and washing up, nicely tucked away from the eyes of your guests.

Masterchef, it seems, has well and truly done its bit in adding to the greatness that is the awesome Aussie lifestyle and love of entertaining, so a big thumbs up from us all round!

If you would like to find out more about the evolving styles of today’s modern living, get in touch with us to find out more about updating your home.

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