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Snaring a rental property can be difficult if you haven’t rented for a while. How do you get the edge on the competition?

By Holly Darwon

I spoke to a friend this week about rental accommodation. He was in a bit of a bother. They were about to begin a renovation and their circumstances meant they needed to rent a property for about twelve months.

The issue they were having was their applications were being repeatedly rejected. They had owned their property for many years, they could easily afford the rent and they were tremendous people. So why the issue?

I have had many calls from friends over the years complaining that, “The young guy at the inspection was chatting with all the other young people and didn’t give me the time of day’’ or “the young lady didn’t even present our application because we have no references’’.

The problem is a frequent one.

Inside the property management industry the way to determine a good tenant from a bad tenant is usually found in rental history.

Think about it, when you have a stack of applications how do you determine who you should chose?

The good news is property managers want the best tenant. So you need to help them help you. They’re not rejecting good applicants because they’re biased. They’re rejecting them because they are working against a checklist and that checklist saves them if they run into trouble throughout the tenancy.

There is also now a new issue for property managers who are looking for the right tenants. With the ease of “One Form’’ an online application software through tenants are submitting multiple applications on properties.

Property managers spend time processing these applications only to find the tenant has been approved elsewhere. So their appetite to deviate from the script is actually slightly higher than it used to be.

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