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Should you wait until after the Easter holidays or should you list now?

By Holly Darwon

When is the best time to sell? Is it seasonal, should you avoid school holidays or should you go now?

There are many people in the market that are waking up to 2018, hearing the positive news stories in the property market and thinking this year is the time to sell. But they’re not sure when.

Many of these homeowners are asking the question whether they should sell now or wait until after the Easter holidays. The answer isn’t as obvious as it may seem.

Seasonally the February and March market are strong, however if you’re not ready to start now, running a marketing campaign through the Easter break can see a drop off in inquiry.

So logic would suggest if you can’t launch now, due to wanting to do some improvements or firm up your next step, then the obvious answer is to wait until April.

But, will waiting net you better result?

When you consider that it is competition that drives prices (supply versus demand) will April be a better outcome? From what I’m seeing in the market, there are many owners planning to launch after Easter. Which means more competition for home sellers after Easter, which could equate to less buyers per property.

So while there will be less buyers over the Easter holiday, there could similarly be less properties on the market, which could be a better outcome for sellers.

It’s a crucial part of your pre-sell research as a seller that you check out the competition. If you own a Queenslander and there are no other Queenslanders for sale at that time, then you will soak up all the buyers.

The same applies to block size, position and views etc.

My advice to sellers in the market is if you are ready to start, go now.

The market is in good shape, buyers are at open houses and we have seen a strong start to the year. Delaying for comfort, could be costly.

However if you can’t start now then I’d launch when you’re ready, don’t delay for Easter. While there will be less buyers over Easter, the serious ones will still be following the market and sales will be made. Five or ten more properties in the market can have a large impact on your sale price.

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