Over 70 sales in the last 60 days..

By Haesley Cush

The last 60 days have been unseasonally exciting. With the start of Spring only days away, the traditional selling season, we are poised for a real push toward the end of the year.

The 70 sales has definitely come off the back of sub $550k sales and this has again been supported by a mix of first home buyers (FHB) and investors. Strong rental demand is aiding the yields at the current price levels. Due to the current ‘run’ of sales in this price bracket it is exposing some great value in the prestige market. This market at its current price level is proving to offer exceptional value and I can see good signs of capital growth in the coming years, from the right properties.

IN local news the New Farm ‘Holy Spirit’ fete is just around the corner and I will again be wielding the gavel with 20 items going up for auction! There is an on-line auction and plenty of other ways for people unable to attend to get involved.. for more info check Holy Spirit School.

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