No hangover tomorrow!!

By Haesley Cush

This is a big weekend for us, we have 2 big events planned. Tonight is our annual movie night. Its the night we take our landlords to the movies and say ‘thanks’. We have been lucky enough to source ‘the hangover 2’ and as a
‘gutter comedy’ connoisseur I loved the first one!!

Our other events is our Powerhouse Auctions. We will be conducting 9 auctions tomorrow afternoon under a marquee in front of the Brisbane Powerhouse. This event will showcase the brisbane luxury apartment market as
we have 4 prestige river front units up for auction. We will also be offering a mix of New Farm homes and inner city units. So if you’re free tomorrow I can help you plan your afternoon; Head to Jan Powers ‘Farmers Markets’ around noon (get some produce and have some lunch). Then come to our auctions at 3pm and buy 8-9 properties, depending on the budget. Finally celebrate your new produce and properties listening to the free jazz inside
while enjoying a fresh drink from Bar Alto inside the Powerhouse.

In a snapshot the market has been sporadic over the last month. The public holidays did slow inquiry but we have seen inspections pick up over the last 2 weekends. Buyers are tending to be more prepared than they have been in
the past, banks have been consulted and research has been done. The platforms for sales are there, its just about finding that common ground on price that is lighting dragging out the time on market. But all in all we will close out the month somewhere between $10 – 12 million in sales, same as last year.

Happy Hunting

Haesley Cush

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