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By Mary McLean

We have just had  the amazing Alexandra  Ponting from A.P. Design House add the finishing touches to our new office at 612 Brunswick Street, New Farm. The final product is fatastic, she has  thoughtfully  and carefully arranged selection of  standout signature items that gives our reception the warmth and personalty it needed. ( We love the new feather cushion for our reception area.)

The transition from summer into the cooler months provides the perfect excuse to update your home. Not that we ever need an excuse – but hopefully a good one for you Ladies trying to get your Men across the line!

It’s a no brainer that as the weather cools down, we all gravitate indoors for family time, relaxing, & socialising. If this is the case, our homes really should be our haven – A place where it is enjoyable (& preferable) to stay in, both from a practical & aesthetical perspective.

To make your home your haven, fill it with things you want to touch – a vintage leather club chair, a cane side table, a hand knitted throw, a plush pile Berber rug. Items with varied textures are interesting to look at & touch, adding immediate warmth and character to a space.

If you aren’t big on lots of colour, you will find all of the different textures & surfaces give you the “pop”, that colour would have.

To really cosy up your home, or a particular space, go for warm colours. Cooler hues make a room feel larger, while warm shades do the opposite. Every colour (even blacks and whites) can have cool or warm undertones. This means you don’t have to rule out your favourite colour – just go for the warmer version!

An obvious addition for your home in winter is soft furnishings – curtains in velvets and beautiful linens, which puddle on the floor are a personal favourite. Scatter cushions in equally luxe fabrics – keep it simple with patterns & look for strong textures & the composition of the fabric.

Finally, one of the most important elements for your home/haven – lights. If you can avoid harsh downlighting – do! I am a big fan of pendant lights (1 sculptural piece hanging from your ceiling forming the basis of a room or lots of them in little nooks throughout your home). Floor lamps are ideal for armchairs & sofas. Not only do they serve as a beautiful reading light, they create such a stunning mood when entertaining. Table lamps are not just for desks or bedsides – pop one on the end of a sideboard, on a hall table, & at your entrance.

All Images have been provided by Alex Ponting and are projects that she has worked on.

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