Gold Coast property market forecast

By Holly Clark

WITH many holiday-makers still soaking up the surf on Queensland beaches it appears a tan and a head full of salty hair is not the only things they’ll be bringing home when the holiday is over. Huge numbers of attendees at open houses are being recorded from many of the agents I’ve been speaking with.

Many are receiving multiple offers on properties that were sitting dormant pre-Christmas.

On the Gold Coast last Saturday, the Gold Coast Bulletin showcased a huge number of properties that will go up for auction over the Australia Day holiday period.

This last week of January is now set as an enormous selling season in many seaside markets and nowhere is that more apparent than on the Gold Coast.

Like most things on the GC, these auctions are supersized and super slick.

I will be involved with more than 100 auctions at Ray White Surfers Paradise’s annual Auction Event, while many colleagues will call auctions for other groups during that selling period.

These auctions always tell the story about how the year is likely to perform.

These events capitalise on the swollen population at holiday time, the still sensitive sting of peak holiday rental accommodation costs and the realisation that if you’d paid into the mortgage what you’d been paying for the rental all these years, you’d nearly own it by now.

There is the further incentive on the Gold Coast of the Commonwealth Games being only 16 months away.

What will that do for property prices and rentals? The population will obviously greatly increase over that period, with many coming early for work, some athletes arriving early for training and the multitude of supporters who will head out for the occasion.

After a tough ten years for the Goldy, the next two are shaping up to be thumpers.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating and it all will be revealed at the end of the month as to whether the predictions are right or whether they are way off.

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