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Flowers always brighten your day!

By Katie Adams

Here at Ray White New Farm we love supporting local business. We find it fascinating to understand who the people are that make up the business and how they got to where they are today. 

We have had a chat to the lovely Maryrose Loff who is the creative talent behind Lillipollen. Here is her story and where the Lillipollen journey began.

Tell us a little bit about your background?

In thebeginning I started my studies in Fine Art and Interior Design and found myself drawn to nature and the beauty of floristry.     This is howLillipollen was born.

Can you give us a little insight into the inner workings ofLillipollen? 

Lillipollen is an award winning, studio based florist.   Working in Brisbane’s eclectic hot spot Teneriffe, we take our inspiration from the world around us as we design and style gorgeous florals that match eachclients unique vision.

What does a typical day at work involve for you?

We are early birds, hand selecting flowers every morning.  We like to source our flowers daily to ensure we are delivering only the best and the freshest blooms in the industry.

What would be your dream creative project?

We have recently taken on a few projects working withbeautiful designed gardens and courtyards.  Predominantly working with potted gardens and living walls.  We would love to work on some more of these creative projects.  They are so beautiful, timeless and rewarding.

How would you best describe your creative aesthetic?

Fresh and innovative, with a focus on sculptural design.

What are you looking forward to?

The future!  Things are looking bright forLillipollen.  We are loving our beautiful studio in Teneriffe and we have just finished a major upgrade on our website, including an online store.  We can’t wait for more people to discover who we are and the wonderful work that we do.

Your favourite Brisbane neighbourhood and why?

Inner city Brisbane, New Farm and Teneriffe.  We love our neighborhood and supporting all of our local businesses. 

What and where was the last great meal you ate in Brisbane?

 With places like Primal Pantry and Beccofino being ourneighbours we are so spoilt for choice where we work.   If we had to choose tho it would have to be a beautiful curry at our friends theHimmalayan Café onBrusnwick Street.

Where would we find you on a typical Saturday morning?

Usually dashing to get our early morning coffee fix somewhere around New Farm before starting to prepare the flowers and styling for a beautiful event or wedding in Brisbane. 

Brisbane’s best keptsecret?

That would have to be us!  We are tucked away in the London Offices on Florence Street Teneriffe.  Some of the locals are still yet to discover our studio and all of the amazing flowers and gift ideas available.   We are proud of our product and the quality that is achieved while offering the most competitive prices in Brisbane.  Make sure you pop in and say hello!

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