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First Impressions

By Glenn Andrews

Like a first date, you only have about 5 seconds to make a good first impression.

Also like dating, buying is a sensory experience. Looks, smells and sounds all matter. But let’s separate from the analogy now.

It’s important before you put your property on the market that you give these things consideration.

Walk into your home, what is the first impression? Maybe even ask ‘that friend’ with all the opinions what they think. Even better would be to get a professional stylist to present your home.

Use candles or perfume to ensure the welcoming scent is one of delight.

Finally, consider the noise. Do you have creaking floors or squeaky doors? Do your taps clunk or air cons buzz? A handyman, technician or some WD40 can help with house noises and those minor problems won’t become major turn offs.

Click HERE for property presentation tips from Blok Design. And for a list of our preferred styling partners and tradespeople see below. 

Styling Partners 

Furnish & Finish 
Blok Design

Trades Partners

Environ Landscape Solutions I 0411 148 106
Hire a Hubby I1800 450 479 
Bell Plumbing I 3354 3300
Mobile Flooring Services I 0422 637 410

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