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Becoming a real estate agent has emerged as a genuine first career choice

By Holly Darwon

For the last couple of months I have had a Year 12 student from Brisbane Boys College join me on my Saturday rounds as I call auctions around Brisbane.

Ken, the young man in question, has an interest in joining the real estate ranks after school and has not missed a Saturday since approaching me for an opportunity back in May.

Ken’s dedication and interest in real estate mirrors the changing face of the industry over the past ten years. When I started in real estate in 1996, as a pimple-faced high school graduate, I was the youngest agent by a considerable margin. If there was anyone who was in the industry at that time under 30 they were likely another real estate agent’s kin.

The vast majority of agents at that time had joined the real estate ranks after careers in other industries. Real estate was the second calling career. But today real estate has become a genuine first choice career.

The industry has also moved away from the local real estate office being decorated with pictures of properties for sale and lined with agents waiting to strap you into the car and drive you around town until you’ve bought something.

Today it is an ageless non-discriminatory business. It caters for the young and the old, the local and the international person and the experienced and the brand new. Real estate agency today requires a unique blend of product knowledge, marketing skills, negotiation experience, technology savviness and availability.

The expectation on the modern agent is quite extreme, however so are the rewards for those that can make it through the maze. It is an industry that will reward the hardworking and crucifies the lazy.

As we were driving between auctions last week Ken asked me what makes the best agent. I replied “No one type of person, anyone can make it. Real estate is an equal opportunity employer. It is a genuine effort-equals-reward business. But it does take a unique blend of skills, a lot of hard work and some patience because it won’t happen overnight”.

Like all millennials, I assume Ken thinks he will be a millionaire by the age of 30 and based on his work ethic to date, he will most likely be right.

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