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1st of April…. my favorite day of the year!!!

By Haesley Cush

Today started with a group training session in New Farm park, I had invited many of the male staff members to a private work out with Michelle from “The Biggest Loser”……. Only 4 took the bait, needless to say Michelle wasn’t there, Aprils fools day had started and they were the Biggest Losers!!

Being the first it also means we have already completed the first quarter.  I can report of the 6 auctions we did last weekend we sold 3 under the hammer (50% clearance) and we are well on the way to selling the others.  In a quarter that saw Mother nature at her worst it saw the market at its most buoyant in recent times.  We contracted $20million worth of sales for the month and just shy of $50million for the quarter.   There was activity in all target markets, with the first home buyers and tenants the most aggressive.  With house sales in the area also seeing record attendance numbers the year is now set for steady solid growth.

Finally there are a few local events in the calendar that I will be informing you of in coming weeks.  The New Farm Tennis open, the Opera in the boxing ring (Fortitude Stadium) and our first auctions in the Park.. stay tuned!

Happy Hunting

Haesley Cush

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