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Meet The Man That Can

Dropping on all the usual platforms this Tuesday, August 29 is a podcast episode with a good mate of mine Lachie Stuart. While his podcast – The Man That Can Project – is obviously focused on blokes, anyone keen to get ahead and make the best of themselves in life will benefit from tuning in.

Lachie’s core business is peak performance coaching, where he assists men in planning and building the right environment, however that may look for them, to thrive in relation to both the mind and body. What started as a tool to improve his own communications back in 2017, has escalated into a weekly podcast discussion with experts and people of influence breaking down the tools required to improve quality of life. 

This is the second time I’ve sat down with Lachie, the first being way back in episode 388 when we pulled apart what it takes to succeed, finding meaning, and work-life balance. This time around (episode 508) we dive into the seasons of life, how priorities change through these varying phases, and the impact of present values on future achievements and life satisfaction. 

I won’t give anything away other than to say it’s worth a listen, this ep and the 500 or so others, if you’re looking to improve yourself. I’m fortunate to have worked with Lachie since 2018 on establishing a framework to amplify my performance, be it in relationships, health, work or lifestyle. Anyone who wants to be better needs a coach in their corner, and I’m proud to say I reckon I’ve got one of the best.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Matt Lancashire