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Introducing the Competition Creators

The phrase CompetitionCreators™ is the ethos of Ray White. Find out how we use this as our true north when representing our clients at auction.

Recently, in a world first, the Ray White Group trademarked the phrase ‘CompetitionCreators’.

The phrase was coined by the group’s chairman Brian White AO and is now interwoven into the everyday language our team uses when referring to auctioneering and the auction process.

So, why are these two words so important to us, and what do they mean for you?

Embodying competition

As selling agents, it is our job to do the very best for our clients (i.e. you, the home seller). This means selling the home quickly and efficiently, and for the highest possible price.

As Ray White Chairman Brian White (the grandson of Ray White himself) explains, “The greatest way to achieve a better price is when someone who wants a property realises there’s someone else who wishes to have it and is prepared to pay a higher price than they had hoped that they could. We create that competition at auction. We are competitioncreators.”

Sticking to this as our truth north has helped the Ray White team to lay the foundation of our success and build on it for many years.

Creating competition

So how do we ensure there are the maximum number of bidders at every auction and attract more interest to every home we represent in Brisbane and beyond? There are a few different ways.

Premium marketing

Your marketing campaign will include a digital strategy which leverages social media and takes people’s online habits into account.

We also advertise using traditional print methods such as newspaper pictorial, brochures and mail outs so we can present potential opportunities to more buyers.

Cleverly crafted copy, beautiful photography, videography and listings on overseas property platforms make sure no property goes unnoticed by the people who would be most likely to bid for it.

Contacts and follow ups

Ray White property agents have the advantage of a nation-wide network. We also put a great deal of time and energy into building and maintaining databases (our collective group of offices now have over 330,000) of purchase-ready buyers. This means we may already have people on our books who will want to come and view your property before it is even listed to the public.

We love forming relationships with our buyers. We take the time to listen to feedback and take into consideration their “wants and needs” and build strong relationships. Understanding what a buyer needs, we qualify and providing a high level of service to them is a huge part of our success.

Brian White also explains nothing gives buyers more confidence in the value of the property than seeing other people bidding for it.

At Ray White, we conduct more auctions than other Australian real estate agencies by a huge margin and the results almost always speak for themselves.

Premium buyer experience is essential

The success of our agency relies on the balance between buyers and sellers. A win-win property transaction is when our buyers know they are paying a fair market price and are 100% happy with their purchase.

To ensure this is the case, we communicate openly with our buyers and prioritise transparency. This provides a better buying experience, as there is no smoke and mirrors.

What will your home sell for?

If you are ready to sell your home, it makes sense to work with the CompetitionCreators™.

Let us deliver those market saturating strategies to make your home unmissable amongst other listings and ensure buyers understand the opportunities when placing their offers.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Matt Lancashire