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How To Sell Quickly, At A Low Cost

The formula to sell a property inside the real estate industry is not a secret. Internally, they refer to the ‘3 P’s’. Price, Presentation and Promotion.

But over the last period of time, in the midst of this buoyant property market, there have been a few shortcuts.

The term ‘Off-Market’ has become a sort of secret club where buyers and sellers can meet and trade properties. 

Many owners and buyers are keen to transact in this environment and if managed well it can be a WIN/WIN for both parties

Here are the essential ingredients. Firstly, you need a waiting pool of buyers. Secondly, you need to appropriately price your home (not under market, not even fair market, just not well above market value). Finally, and this is essential, you need an expert negotiator. 

Let me explain the three:

  • Buyers : This can be done through a large agency with a ready pool of buyers, it can be done through buyers agents and/or it can be done through a strategic technology based marketing strategy.
  • Price : You need to be appealing to the buyer once you engage them with your property. If your pricing is off, you won’t get buyers to the negotiating table. Things like ‘offers over’, a price range or a realistic set price can all work |
  • Negotiator : If handled poorly an off-market transaction can devastatingly affect a seller. A buyer who is presented a property off-market believes they are getting an opportunity and if managed incorrectly they will work the price down. A buyer who understands that this is a small window of opportunity that must be greeted with an appropriate price, or it will be taken away, is far more likely to pay good value to a seller.

Our group specialises in sales strategies from off-market through to highly public auctions. These all require careful planning to ensure your property is protected. 

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