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Greater Expectations

Brisbane homebuyer expectations are changing. Here’s what people with healthy budgets are keeping their eyes out for in New Farm and surrounding suburbs. 

The ideal home changes over time. For our grandparents, a separate kitchen was a must so the cook could work without interruptions. Back in those days, it was considered unsanitary to have a toilet inside the house (this was before they became commonplace). 

Fast-forward to the 1970s and a bar and a sunken living room were the pinnacle of sophistication. In the decades to follow, the best homes all had a games room with a pool table and dart board. 

So much has changed. Any additional space is always welcome but instead of a pool table and impressive collection of spirits on display, the following are some of the features buyers most want in a home in the 2020s. 

The good news about these features is they are a little more timeless than a sunken living room…

Additional office space

Sydney and Melbourne’s populations dropped during the pandemic as many people from the southern states relocated in order to enjoy a sunnier, more relaxed lifestyle while working remotely for the same employers. 

Having a separate office is essential to accommodate this, especially if you have small children at home. A huge percentage of people are WFH for at least for a couple of days a week and having a separate office is necessary for privacy, peace and quiet, and the chance to disconnect home from work. 

Granny flats

The price of houses, Australia’s ageing population and the relaxing of council restrictions have seen a rise in the popularity of granny flats. These are usually set up as a studio or one bedroom abode with a kitchenette, bathroom and living area, and are occupied by a family member or leased to a tenant.

According to Brisbane City Council, a granny flat can be a maximum of 80 square metres in size. A granny flat for a member of your household does not need Council approval. This is as long as you meet the accepted development, subject to requirements criteria in the Dwelling house code or Dwelling house (small lot) code.

Many buyers have an eye out for granny flats or want a larger block of land so they can build this type of accommodation and either make room for a loved one or add value to their property. 

High speed internet

Decent internet is a non-negotiable for people of all ages and professions. As real estate agents, we notice people asking “What’s the Wifi like?” and talking about providers when they come to the open home. It simply won’t do to live in a digital black hole. Fibre to the home is a distinct advantage when WFH is a key consideration.

Media rooms and breakout areas

Media rooms are still popular but they are evolving. You still see comfy chairs and big screens but some people are arranging their media rooms for gaming and watching separate devices instead of watching films together. 

Thanks to the rise of ipads and laptops, people also like the idea of spaces where you can curl up with a screen and be close to an electrical outlet for charging. 

Outdoor kitchens

A simple BBQ is no longer enough. A dream home now includes a covered outdoor area with a built in barbie, fridge and sink. Bonus points if there are screens to keep the bugs out, lights and overhead fans. 

You’ll definitely have a faster sale if this area flows beautifully from inside to out (so long as the rest of the home looks great as well).


Houses with pools remain as sought-after as ever. Some people are exploring the addition of ‘natural pools’ which don’t need chemicals or the same amount of cleaning as regular pools. 

A plunge pool is often enough, if there is room in the backyard. You may find it is a good idea to have some plans drawn up for a pool so they can be shared with buyers who might want to install this feature. 

If your home has some or all of these features, you’re likely to have an easier time selling it. The good news is rooms can often be repurposed and styled to match what buyers are looking for; for example, if you say goodbye to your beloved pool table (it can go into storage if you want to keep it) you can easily turn a games room into a home office before the photographer arrives to take pictures of your place. 

When we sell homes, we think about how they can be presented to buyers in the most appealing way possible. Keeping modern trends in mind is a big part of this and we always take the time to figure out how to attract as many buyers as possible. 

I hope you enjoy the read.

Matt Lancashire