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Cush for Comment – October 8th

It was Saturday afternoon two weeks ago. The Brisbane Lions were just about to play Carlton for a place in the final and I was meeting a group of mates on the rooftop of a new building called Riviere at Kangaroo Point.

I’d seen the building being completed, it’s just across from Joeys on the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, and with my mind fixed on the game I hadn’t thought at all about the place we were meeting. When we went inside the towering foyer the level of finishes caught my immediate attention. I started to think “this isn’t going to be a few beers on someone’s balcony, this place is fancy!”. 

The elevator opened on the top floor and what greeted me was visually spectacular. A horizon edged pool which looked to sit over Brisbane, a grassed lawn with children playing football, and an open entertaining space which I was informed is hosted for residents each week offering wine, cheese and hospitality services. It was the epitome of a vertical village.

I sought out Tim Forrester, the developer, to let him know I felt this was what our city required to electrify and activate each and every building. 

Tim spoke passionately about his other projects including The Standard and their vision to create communities for residents. Over the next five years, as we battle to get housing back under control, we will again see a wave of new apartment complexes built. It is complexes like this that will be the silver lining to this current situation.