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Cush For Comment | 22 October 2023

A journalist from New Zealand called me last week. She was writing a story about the negative migration out of New Zealand and how the vast majority of Kiwis were coming to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

She wanted to find out why. She knew that Kiwis loved the Gold Coast, but why Brisbane? Well, she had come to the right place! 

I started with the basic lifestyle attraction to any resident from the Land of the Long White Cloud. Brisbane offers 77.5 per cent sunny days each year compared to Wellington and Auckland, which both sit under 25 per cent! Then there’s the value: Brisbane’s median price is $705k, Wellington’s is currently $750k and Auckland’s is over $1m! So we are now cheaper and sunnier! 

If you’re going to move countries, I went on to say, you’d also want to make sure you could get a job. While unemployment is low in Auckland and Wellington (3.2-3.5 per cent), it is still lower in Brisbane at 3.1 per cent. 

Lastly, and I was really now just gloating, the 10-year outlook for Brisbane has to be the best in the country. 

Our skyline is decorated with cranes, showcasing the facelift our city is undergoing. In 2032 we will benefit from the greatest marketing event a region can experience. 

So it’s no wonder her Kiwi brothers and sisters felt that moving and buying would be the right decision. The exciting part is that I don‘t think she will be the only international journalist calling in the next few years.

  • – Haesley Cush is an award winning auctioneer who has called more than 10,000 auctions. He co-owns Ray White The Collective, which encapsulates Ray White New Farm, Bulimba, Toowong, Clayfield, and Living Here Property Management.