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Cush For Comment | 12 March 2023

It’s been about 10 years since I was involved with The Block – in their Glasshouse series in Melbourne. It was that year when the contestants left with something closer to a ham sandwich than a million dollars. ‘Bloodbath’ was the expression I remember hearing the most.

My contestants were Michael and Carlene and we marketed their apartment for three weeks before the big day. We thought we would reach out and see if there were any buyers’ agents in the area. Brisbane only had a couple back then but to my amazement, there were 55 separate companies in the city. We held a private event for them to see if they had any clients who might be interested.

Since then, buyers’ advocates have become a huge part of the transaction and have spread right across the country. Buyer’s agents are largely assisting people from out of the area, people who are time poor and even jumping in to bid for those that feel a little out of their comfort zone.

What got me on this train of thought was last Saturday’s auctions. I was calling back to back auctions for Ray White Bulimba and buyers’ agents were everywhere.

I sold the first auction to a buyers’ agent from the Gold Coast who had been engaged to bid on behalf of a client and then followed that up with an epic auction involving two of Brisbane’s leading buyers’ agents committing and strategising for a final sale price of $1,802,000.

Whether it be on national TV or in the backyard, buying a property does involve strategy. This is one of the biggest benefits of the buyers’ agent.

 – Haesley Cush is an award-winning auctioneer who has called more than 10,000 auctions. He co’owns Ray White New Farm, East Brisbane, Spring Hill, Bulimba, Toowong, Clayfield and Living Here Cush Partners.