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Fortnightly Snapshot 14/11 – 28/11

Cush for Comment I November 9th

Fortnightly Snapshot | 31/10 – 14/11

Cush for Comment I November 5th

Fortnightly Snapshot | 17/10 – 31/10

Cush For Comment | 22 October 2023

Fortnightly Snapshot 03/10 – 17/10

Construction Crisis Just About Over

Cush for Comment I October 8th

Cush for Comment I September 24th

Fortnightly Snapshot | 05/09 – 18/09

Cush For Comment | 10 September 2023

Fortnightly Snapshot | 22/08 – 05/09

Economics Update: Regional Migration Slows

Cush For Comment August 27th

Cush for Comment August 13th

Fortnightly Snapshot 08 August 23

Cush for Comment July 30th

Inside the mindset of a world champion

Cush For Comment | 16 July 2023

Is this the year of the apartment?

Cush For Comment | 02 July 2023

Cush For Comment | 18 June 2023

Sales Volumes Rebound Despite Rate Rises

Cush For Comment | 04 June 2023

Celebrating $8m with Brissie’s biggest street party

The rise of the ‘right-sizer’


The best thing that’s happened to me this week isn’t a $20.5M sale

One crucial lesson I’ve learnt from my old man

The one auction event you don’t want to miss

The “game-changer”

Have you bought your ticket to paradise?

Rental Crisis Continues

Panyiri Festival 2023

Cush For Comment | 21 May 2023

Market Snapshot 1/05 – 15/5

Cheapest Suburbs To Buy A House or Unit

Cush For Comment | 07 May 2023

Fortnightly Snapshot 17/04 – 01/05

Tip Rental Application Tips

Cush For Comment | 23 April 2023

Our Secret to Being Better

Fortnightly Snapshot | 03 Apr – 17 Apr

Cush For Comment | 09 April 2023

Fortnightly Snapshot 20 Mar – 03 Apr

Cush For Comment | 26 March 2023

2023 and things are going gangbusters

Property Market Analysis

Art About Brisbane

Cush For Comment | 12 March 2023

Renovations are back –  but is now the time to upgrade?

Is That It?

Fortnightly Snapshot | 20 Feb – 06 Mar

Waving, Not Sinking

Cush For Comment | 26 February 2023

Buying Sight Unseen. What To Consider

Quiet, Luxury Brisbane Suburbs To Buy

Cush For Comment | 12 February 2023

When Rate Rises Will End

What The Last Two Downturns Taught Us About Property

What Every Homeowner Should Be Doing Right Now

Who Is Snapping Up Brisbane’s Townhomes?

Brisbane Home Price Falls In Perspective

Property Gold For Brisbane

New Farm Diner Delights

Cush For Comment | 29 January 2023

Fortnightly Snapshot 09/01 – 23/01

Queensland First Homebuyer Hot Spots

A Message From Ray White’s Managing Director

Cush For Comment | 14 January 2023

Economic Update With Nerida Conisbee

Fortnightly Snapshot 26/12 – 09/01

Cush For Comment | 03 January 2023

Fortnightly Snapshot 12/12- 26/12

Cush For Comment | 18 December 2022

12 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Gift Ideas For Christmas 2022

2022: It’s a Wrap!

Win The House, Not The Negotiation

Fortnightly Snapshot 28/11 – 12/12

Cush For Comment | 5 December 2022

Cush For Comment | 22 November 2022

Cush For Comment | 06 November 2022

Future Proof Your Home

Fortnightly Snapshot 14/11 – 28/11

Budget News

Hot Nights in the City 

Weekly Economic Update | Nerida Conisbee

Fortnightly Snapshot 31/10-14/11

Batman Tunnel Mansion Sells!

Brisbane Property is Holding Strong 

Buyer Behaviour is Changing

Fortnightly Snapshot 17/10 – 31/10 (2022)

Cush For Comment | 24 October 2022

Virtual Property Breakfast Recap | Q3 2022

Fortnightly Snapshot 03/10 – 17/10 (2022)

Introducing The Competition Creators

Cush For Comment | October 9th 22

There’s No Stopping It

Fortnightly Snapshot 19/09 – 03/10 (2022)

Brisbane, Why Live Anywhere Else!

Prestige Activity

Living the high life

Post election property report

Ollie Hansford; changing the scene for Brisbane food

5 things you might not know about Queensland Property Law

CJ Hendry; changing the scene for Brisbane artists

The facts on 2022 real estate

Newbies guide to the greatest city in Australia

Forecasting for 2022

Conflicting property prediction

China’s next contagion

Is your finance actually approved?

Is $4m the new $1m?

20 golden years ahead for Brisbane

Auction Under the Stars

Interview with Brisbane’s premier architect

Six signs sellers can’t ignore

Courageous with Colour

Q3 Virtual Property Breakfast

Brisbane’s 13 year itch

The Hard Stats on Southerners Migrating North

Prestige Property on a Platform this Spring

13 Facts about the Market

Steel Availability

What’s New

Ray White Chairman Sells Brisbane Home

Get your Home Revalued 

Maximising your Sale with Exterior & Interior Painting

To Buy or Renovate?

How To Sell  Your Home For More Money

Using A Buyer’s Agent | The New Revolution

How To Sell Quickly, At Low Cost

Styling Your Home For Sale

Decluttering Your Home