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Best Foot Forward

In 2023 we received more than 100 applications on some rental properties. It’s borderline impossible to stand out and even if you do, how will the property manager be able to tell you’re the best applicant for the property? With only a few hours until we start January, the busiest time on the rental property calendar, I’m keen to share some tips/insights to help out if you’re looking for a rental property. 

Firstly you must consider your application. Have you completed it for all people who will be living in the property? Have you alerted your past property manager that reference checks will be requested? Is your employer ready to act quickly on requests for employment information?

If you make it through, the property manager will then read your past ledger, check your rental history and check that you meet the affordability requirement. Most agents will want to see the rent doesn’t exceed 30 per cent of your combined after tax income. 

One of the hardest things to overcome is if you are transitioning to a rental property for the first time or for the first time in a long time. As well as the previous, help your property manager pick you by sharing bank statements, have the support of a guardian, the endorsement of an accountant or a personal reference from someone who might know the agency. 

The more you provide the property manager the easier it is for them to process and the faster your application will rise to the top.

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