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This week I shared a story on my Instagram account that had zero to do with the tangibles of selling real estate, but everything to do with men’s health. It’s Men’s Health Week, so I figured there was no better time to speak up about an issue affecting too many Aussie blokes. 

The story shared was a video posted by Jimmy, from the HIT Network’s Jimmy & Nath show, discussing on radio the sudden death of American professional golfer Grayson Murray who was suffering from depression and anxiety. Jimmy didn’t know Grayson, but speaks about his own battle with mental health and the need to check in on your mates. 

8.6 Australians die every day from suicide, 75% of those who take their own life are male. Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between the ages of 15 and 44. 

Grayson Murray was just 30 years old. 

Jimmy also speaks of a “mask” worn by some people suffering with depression and anxiety as a tool to face the day. The problem here being, those closest can’t see the suffering when it’s most needed to be shared. 

I work in a high performance industry, surrounded by intensely driven, competitive individuals seeking the next big win. Successful business people aren’t dissimilar to athletes in their missile-focused passion and focus for glory. What might appear to be fine on the surface, can be far from the truth. 

If you’re asking yourself, ‘what can I do to help?’, check out The Push-Up Challenge. It’s a free mental health and fitness event focused on pushing for better mental health for all Australians during the month of June. Participants complete 3,249 push-ups in 24 days, which represents the number of lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022, while raising funds for Lifeline, headspace or The Push for Better Foundation. I’m just one of the 215,330 people this year having a go in support of the worthy cause. 

Not to worry if the above action isn’t for you. You’ll make plenty of difference by simply checking up on your mates more often. And if you or anyone you know is struggling, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

Enjoy your weekend.

Matt Lancashire