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20 golden years ahead for Brisbane

What a time for our city!

As if it’s not good enough just living in Brisbane, the news got even better if you caught the projections and growth expectations of the Boss of our Town aka the Lord Mayor of Brisbane Adrian Schrinner who spoke with us at our Ray White Virtual Property Breakfast recently.

We all know consumer and investor confidence in Brisbane is soaring but word from the Lord Mayor himself is it’s only going to get better over the long term. Not only that, we can expect a sustained 20 year surge of development and urban renewal that is really going to showcase to the rest of the world just why Brisbane was the winner of the 2032 Olympic bid. In the wake of international superstars the likes of Rio, Beijing, Tokyo and Paris.

In his words, “we have this amazing opportunity 11 years down the track. We are now planning for the decade in advance of the Olympics and then a decade following the Olympics. So it is 20 years of the golden era of growth, 20 years of confidence and 20 years of investment for Brisbane.”

The legacy of this Olympic bid for our Brisbane community is 20 years plus of development and investor confidence, that’s what Mayor Schrinner told us when we sat down to chat. 

We will get to enjoy the benefits of urban renewal projects unlike any we have seen before. There is already significant private investment in the $3billion plus Queen’s Wharf project. Plus the state’s two big transport upgrades, Ross River Rail and Brisbane Metro are being heralded as transformative to get rid of bottlenecks and get more regular services for everyone – all across Brisbane. 

Consolidation and opportunities. That’s what the Mayor says will underpin future planning. He said the majority of zoning will stay the same, and development will fill in the existing areas. The new opportunity areas will be in the limited greenfield areas freed up, particularly areas close to transport, close to the city and close to Olympic venues.

As far as I’m concerned, for our area, it’s all very good news for home and land owners and the purchasers of homes in this market. In the Mayor’s own words, “well located inner city areas will go ahead massively…and the value of all existing house and land packages will continue to rise.” 

If the majority of new developments are apartment style living, house and land values right across the city will benefit.

I hope you enjoy the read…and start dreaming about Brisbane’s golden future.

Matt Lancashire