No jokes – We are having a cracker of a month!!

By Haesley Cush

It could be that the winter air has got people signing contracts to warm up. Or maybe the thought that after Monday there are no more long weekends so ‘I’d better get my mind on the job’.  Or with the Reds & Maroons about to win their respective titles and ‘interstaters’ want to be able to demonstrate that they are Queenslanders.  I’m sure it could even be something else, but all jokes aside, we have sold a million dollars worth of real estate for every business day of the month so far!! Further to that 6 of our last 9 auctions sold within 45 days and open numbers are on the rise.  I won’t go as far to say that prices have moved, or that they are stable, but it’s the interest that breeds the confidence and it’s the confidence that pushes the prices.

It’s certainly a good sign for long term investors, don’t wait for the bounce.

Happy Hunting

Haesley Cush

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