Judith Cush

Licensed Sales & Marketing Consultant

My time in real estate started back in 1986 when we had returned to Brisbane after a living in PNG  for a number of years and therefore needed to purchase a new family home. I guess I could say I got a taste for looking at houses. Thus I started work at Ray White Moorooka as a sales person and quickly moved up to management at Ray White Annerley prior to Brisbane Expo in 1988. These were really exciting times when Brisbane was coming of age. The offices had a typewriter and a person on the front desk. We used two way radios to communicate ( so many funny tales could be told from those open radios ) and eventually fax machines were introduced.

Then low and behold we all started carrying around these bricks and making phone calls on the run...things were looking up.
In around 1992 I opened an independent ( boutique I liked to call it) office in Annerley which was really exciting. Starting a rent roll and dealing with sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants what a wake up call but loved every day. Which back then was definitely 7 days a week. 

Eventually the call from Ray White came to rejoin their company. Around 1994 we were back in the Ray White Family owning and operating two offices until 2012 when I thought I may retire. Not so!

So now after 30 very successful years I am no longer a principal but a licensed real estate agent with a plethora of knowledge in all things Real Estate....

I look forward to hearing from old and new clients .