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Haesley Cush is a licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer. Haesley began his real estate career in March 1996, with Ray White Moorooka. Since this time Haesley has excelled in real estate sales and auctioneering, he is one of only two people to hold the prestigious REIQ auctioneer of the year award 3 times and is currently ranked as one of the top auctioneers in Australasia.

Prior to taking ownership of Ray White New Farm, Haesley was the Chief Auctioneer for Ray White Queensland and also sat on the Queensland board for Ray White Queensland concentrating on market growth, training and franchising.

Currently specialising in the geographic specific area of Inner Brisbane. Haesley and the fresh enthusiastic team at New Farm are enjoying tremendous success. Haesley has been involved in excess of 5000 sales, ranging from modest accommodation to some of Australia’s premier real estate.

More recently Haesley has sold the 'Sales' division of Ray White New Farm to concentrate specifically on 'Property Management' (rentals) & 'Auctions'. As a specialist property management business they cater for all properties in Brisbane from the entry level to the Best in town. They manage properties for some of Australia's leading sports, music and media personalities.

Youth and enthusiasm are two reasons for Haesley’s success, but experience and professionalism are the two major differences between him and his peers.

“ Selling real estate since 1996 and working as a trainer, recruiter and auctioneer for the largest real estate firm in the country, I feel gives me the best insight in achieving the best prices for my clients. ”

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